‘Every man dies, not every man really lives’- simple but powerful quote by william wallace. Well! How I have perceived this quote is dying is inevitable, but to truly live we must have fulfilling life. Different people have different perception towards the meaning of fulfilling life. And for me, living every moment in the greatest joy is truly fulfilling, because you dont know every color of the spectrum. (In laymen’s term, do everything to the fullest, dont settle for the 2nd best, because life will end and you dont want to have regrets)

With this great philosophical lines in my heart I – Mr.Aakash Step to the path of living my life in a greatest joy. And in my way Nepali pranksters has come as the dream fulfiller. Although,I have born in the small town of Birtamode in Jhapa, my aim is not only to serve the people around me, but to serve the whole nation- with lots of laughter, joys, entertainment, and of course with meaningful message.Every individuals have their own limitations and strength.People need to work within the limitations with best strength and I do so.

As the great persona has said once ‘ Happiness depends on what you can give, not what you can get’- these words serves as great inspiration on me and joyful creative things in my mind. And I must say, with the emergence of Nepali Pranksters,I got a chance to fit in my whole heart and head in it

. Lastly,I want to say that – young minds are discovering, nurturing and believing in ideas that reside each one of us. Have fun, create and believe in your ideas, in room and beyond. Your belief makes your idea work for you and become big; allowing you to be all that you can, so that you can live fully and truly and can be model for self and the world at large.

My thoughts are so big. So the act through Nepali pranksters is the great virtue to put my
thoughts into action.